Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Petals of Life

Making garlands of frangipani
Laughing without a care
She ran as the wind caught her hair
What bliss childhood was

Then he came along
Tucked the flower behind her ear
They walked hand in hand
Oblivious to the world

Decades have passed

She notices the petals strewn along
The white and yellow drying
She knows the end is near

Friday, 26 October 2007

And I Discovered Something...

I am one of those people who, if you ask things like – what is your favourite colour/season/month, probably will not be able to give you an answer.

Its because I couldn’t be partial to one colour or season or month. And God made them all so beautiful and different from each other that it would be blasphemous for me to identify one as my supreme favourite.

Now if you wonder where this post is going, I have to tell you that I have ‘discovered’ something.

Last Saturday I was working only half a day. It was a bright sunny day and as I got out of the office, I impulsively decided to take a walk. I dug into my bag, grabbed a juicy red apple and decided to soak in the sun.

I leisurely strolled up to the city centre and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It wasn’t too hot or cold, only a slight nip in the crisp fresh air. The weather was perfect and I sat on a bench observing shoppers, lovers, families, friends and office goers.

I have decided that October is my favourite month and the onset of winters my favourite season.

Tell me, what is yours?

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

New Home

After two years of blogging on Indiatimes O3, I have decided to move my home. Again! Its so typical of me, my desire to live a nomadic life that I shift my virtual home as often as I would like to shift my real one.

On a more serious note, my reasons for moving also include my frustation at O3. Most of the times the server is overloaded, basic features don't work properly, its low on user friendliness and the battle with spam is alomst always lost. Another concern is security.

Inspite of all this, I stayed there because there was a community but I have realized its not worth the effort. This first post and the next few others will probably be cross-posted on O3.

My first impression here is - This doesn't feel like home! This is probably a reaction when one moves to a new place and it feels unfamiliar to be there. I am still figuring out how the functions work, while the numerous options have left me in bit of a tizzy (and I am not that technologically challenged! ).

Anyway the journey of this zephyr will continue here.

For archives (11 October 2005- 15 October 2007) read my old blog here.