Thursday, 27 November 2008

Updated: Mumbai bleeds again...

as does my heart as I sit in a far away land watching things unfold.

Update (27th Nov):

A cousin was in Taj Hotel and has managed to get out alive. A friend was in Mumabi and he's fine. The worrying thing is a we can't contact another friend and she has been with me in school since we were three years old. No news is good news - I keep telling myself. Everyone please pray.

Mumbai bloggers - TD, Malini, Pesh & PBH, Maxx, Punky - anyone please let me know if they are okay.

Images on a TV screen flick in front of me as I see people dying, blood, gore, bombs going off, grenade attacks, random gun fire shots, bodies, buildings going up in flames. This is not Iraq, not even Afghanistan, not even closer home - Kashmir. This is Mumbai. The financial capital of India. A throbbing metropolis. A safe city in a democratic nation. Not a city in a war zone. But it has turned into one in the past 24 hours.

Update (28 Nov):

Its not 24 or 30, its 48 hours. Of carnage. Of bloodshed. Of death. Of gloom. Of despair. We have managed to contact my friend. She is fine. But for some the news is bad as fellow blogger Chandni tells about her friend's father.

Update (29 Nov):

From 48, it has become 62. 62 bloodly hours of hell. Almost 200 dead and 300 injured and plans to blow up the Taj, making it India's 9/11.

Since words fail me, I bring these images of the last three days. A mumbai based blogger Arun Shanbhag captures the ordeal of three days through his lens (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3).

Update (30 Nov.):

This account by AP sums it up.

Here are pictures, courtsey TD's blog.

For live coverage watch here.

Monday, 17 November 2008

A Quirky Tag

Tagged by the God, this Goddess couldn't refuse and here goes my list of eccentricities.

1. I love doing dishes. I think when I will be on my death bed and someone will say there are dishes to do, I'll just get up and do it! No seriously, I would until they sparkle and shine.

Now that I think of it, I like doing dishes and I want to marry a chef because I hate cooking, maybe in my past like I worked in a restaurant or a tavern...and then I ran away with the chef and got married? Hmmm... could be possible. What do you guys think?

2. I fold my clothes a certain way. The sleeves have to be tucked into the inside folds and the clothes have to make a proper rectangle. And if you take a peek in my cupboard and my clothes aren't folded this way, you can tell I am really stressed out.

3. I don’t like anything which is too sweet so eating mithai with namkeen is perfectly acceptable to me just like the other day I had samosa with panjeeri (yum!) and chocolates with chips (absolutely yum!).

4. I can be shy and brash and then shy again in a span of 5 minutes and can make people around me comfortable and embarrassed and then comfortable again without batting an eyelid.

These are the only weird things I am revealing about myself.... stick around and you might find more ;)


P.S: I went for a day trip to a beautiful town in northern England. A travel post comes up soon!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

My life since the past few weeks!

Assignment deadlines and a new found addiction to oreos!