Saturday, 21 February 2009

A page

A blank page
Like the canvas of a painter
Words it needs
Like a splash of colour
Where do I begin
I wonder

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Still Enraged But Back With The Pink Chaddi Campaign

For those who think that women should not have equal rights as men, should be treated like cattle, if possible, someone had to tell them they got it wrong. They have got crusaders on the internet and in this age of information 'warfare' I proudly jump into the fray with support for the 'Pink Chaddi Campaign'.

I won't be able to send mine, being so far, I will definitely be a part of the 'Pub Bharo' action. And all the people who read my blog, most lurkers who never comment, or if you just landed here somehow, please become a part of the campaign.

What happened in Mangalore can happen in your city. For men - this could happen to your girl friends, wives, sisters. Let's show 'em that Ram Sena isn't the answer to 'eroding of culture', it is the cause of it. Because what culture teaches you to be disrecpectful to women?