Saturday, 24 January 2009

All the little bits... II

January is almost coming to an end and for the first time I have loathed the month so much. It just doesn't seem to end, while I meander away time sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping while strains of western classical music fill up my room. And it's not just the sleeping - I sleep at 5 every morning, waking up sometime in the afternoon. Everyday. People tell me its the English-weather-post-holiday-season-depression. Whatever it is, I am so glad that classes start soon!

On to more cheerful things, here are some holiday season pics. We went to the German Christmas market in our city, complete with German beer, mulled wine, sausages, knick-knacks, curios and a proper fair.


A couple of days later I woke up as I heard my flatmate squeal, "Look out of the window" and heard another one jump and that's when I got out of my bed and was greeted with snow, which apparantly brought everything to a stand still in this part of England, except of course me who was busy clicking photos!


And it was end of December soon as my friends and I headed over to London to celebrate the New Year. The city, throbbing, illuminated with christmas lights and hoardes of tourists. We discovered a bar made completely of ice and by far, is the coolest (or coldest!) place I have visited in the city. We then went ice skating and then it was time for the fireworks by the Thames as 700,000 people gathered togther to usher in the New Year.




While one evenful year came to an end, another one began. And now I am wondering what to make of the 'The curious case of missing post'. Because as I hopped over to God's to claim my award, that post has disappeared!


Anonymous said...

Lovely snow !!
I miss London. I guess one of the snap of lighted net is Regent Street ?
Thanks for those pics. It was reminiscing for me !!

n aka zephyr said...

I loved when it snowed :) And it is Regent Street - that's where the pub was....

chandni said...

what pretty snow!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Chandni,
I know!! Though it didn't snow much after that.. We just had a bit of sleet and very light snow.... :|

Thisisme said...

awwwww..i missss london soooo much :(