Wednesday, 20 February 2008

One Night Stand

Actually I don’t know why call it one night stand coz you know you don’t just stand. That’s how it was the other night. And you people who had naughty thoughts while reading the line above, let me bring you to an anti-climax and tell the story from the beginning.

That evening as I entered the room, switched on the light, I saw the window wide open and some feathers on my bed. I looked up to see a pigeon couple perched on my fan and flapping their wings. As soon as they saw me, they decided that behaving like still life statues would make me think that they were not real. You know, we humans are not that stupid but are sometimes stupid enough to leave the window open.

I tired to shoo them out of the room but they started to dangerously fly around, hitting the blade of the fan, then sitting on one pelmet and then another. I envisioned bird feathers, blood and mangled bodies of bird on my new bed sheet and decided this strategy would not work.

After a while they decided (as you can see- all parties were thinking and strategizing) the pelmet was the safest spot in the room and stayed put there, not seeing the window across the room from which they could go outside. I hoped they would develop some sense and fly. But no!

Now this is the window where the cat loves to jump in and stay inside when it’s cold. Once it jumped straight onto my bed, right on top my blanket and I thought someone broke in and was trying to strangle me. I screamed with all my might and scared off the poor cat. Now every time it jumps in, it meows to let me know its come! Ok I am digressing and this is a story for another time.

So I got worried that the cat might see the open window and it would come in and find a lovely dinner waiting for it. So I closed the window and on grounds of sympathy decided to let the pigeons stay in. So yeah, basically I spent the night with pigeons in the rooms who first stood, then sat down and then slept. At some point in the night, it started unnerving me that I was sleeping in a room where some pigeons were right on top of my head and I, after watching too many horror films where crows start attacking humans, thought they would go crazy and start pecking at me while I sleep.
I have irrational fears sometimes.

I spend the rest of the night on the couch.


The pigeon couple was evicted the next morning, amidst much drama, and using weapons like a long handled mop and pointing out the exit. It seems they really like my room because today morning they were sitting by the window sill, hoping the window would be open. I have learnt my lessons well and that window has been permanently closed.

My human friends have told me that the warm tones of my room (orange, yellow and red) make it look very inviting but I didn’t think the animal kingdom also thinks the same because this brings the count of animal species to pay me a visit to four and still counting.

A lizard which has taken permanent residency, (this reminds me -
Sumit, how is your lizzy doing? Mine has decided to hibernate for the winters), seasonal insects, cat and a pigeon.

The snakes which live in the garden downstairs haven’t come as yet and so have the dogs who haven’t quite mastered the art of jumping like cats. Other feathered friends like owls, crows, sparrows, mynas, parrots and peacocks are also not invited inside because I think they look better on the trees outside rather than the pelmet inside.

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Prasad said...

damm! nd whn i thought itz gonna hav some nice masala!!

Prasad said...

but roflllllllll @ the berdie story!!!! in my house u'll find a lot of squriells which make a lot of mess!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi Pras,
Sorry for no masala...:D :D :D
only birds here :)

And i have squirrels too... how cud i forget?? but they r usually to scared to come in human territory...

Vrij said...

Haha.. thoroughly enjoyed! As Pras says, was a lil let down that there was no masala :(

n.aka.zephyr said...

lol... titilation always works naa... ;)
though it might not lead to anything :P :P

Prasad said...

birdie is another name for one part of masala :DDDDDD

nd the squirrels(copied the spellin frm u :DD) they jus make nests in all the lofts nd all!!!

Anonymous said...

this post has all the tsuff I am scared of....lizards...cats yikes!!!

But really, if I had pigeons over my head, I'd be worried about one of them plopping right on me!!


n.aka.zephyr said...

*rolling my eyes*
still stuck to masala?? :P :D

ooh.. didnt know squirrels do that!!
the ones in my garden just keep hopping off trees and bushes :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Chandni,
Welcome to my blog :)

I think lizrds are icky too but every summer/monsoon they end up coming out of nowhere!!

Cats are kinda okay....

As for pigeons... they did manage to on one of the walls and the bed sheet.. uff!!

taureandude_23 said...

hi NG
haha:D great adventures with pigeons:P pigeons, cats, hmm quite a variety in ur supposed pets:D
reminded me of the pigeon couple who had made a complete nest inside my balcony. i used to study and gen kept all the windows open. little did i know that i was throwing out an open invitation to a pigeon family. waise hi Mumbai has less space they say:P once id come face to face with this dad pigeon, n man the way he was staring at me made me feel that i was invading his personal space instead of being the other way round.
take care

n.aka.zephyr said...

I don't know why I end up attracting speices of the animal kingdon :D :D: D

We have a sizeble pigeon populpation in the small balcony at the back too!! And sometimes they don't even bother to make nests to lay eggs...

Mumbai may sab co-exist karta hai saath saath :) Plus pigeons in the city do have the audacity to behave like the pigeon dad in your home... shahar ki hawa lag jaati hai naa :P :D

u take care as well!!

Curious said...


You took me back into years....

We used to live i this army quarters in chennai long long ago..And that place was a true jungle...

Our place was the favorite hang out of Sparrows to have their nests and squirrels to play "running and catching" It used to be worse when it rains... all of us inclusive of the animaal and bird kingom huddled together in one small place! :D


n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Curious
Jungle? Oh...really??
The sparrows didn’t get scared of you?

The monsoon season is definitely thw worst – you get to see so many species of insects, mostly of the winged variety…that it gets really icky after a while… I jokingly call my home the 'Indian Outback' :)

p.s: forgot to mention before… congrats on the engagement :)

Cut-throat-cutipie said...

Well... i have all kinds of creatures living at my place... A few days ago a lady spider, who had been living in my bathroom commited suicide... She jumped into a bucket of water and died. God knows what drove her to do that. May her soul rest in peace!!

n.aka.zephyr said...

hey cut-throat-cutipie,
welcome to my blog!
hope your spider's soul rests in peace...

p.s: how did you know it was a lady and not a gentleman?? :)

Aaarti said...


That was a good one.. i can visualise ur room.. hehehe.. thankfully, the cats around my home live in our shed, they just laze there all day, and sit on the back compound wall waiting for a stray rat to come over(aka lunch for em u see)... :)

came over thru Chandni's layout...