Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Tagged for Eights'

I was just blog hopping and noticed that Vrij tagged me. So here goes my list of eight :)

Eight things I am passionate about

Social Issues
Good Food

Eight things I want to do before I die

Travel around the country and the world... Go back to Spain for a longer period of time
Read as many books as I can
Continue learning French and then learn Spanish
Try as many cuisines as I can... Given the fact I am a vegetarian and my options get halved
Work to uplift the social status of women
Learn pottery
Learn martial arts
Buy Vincent van Gogh's art and hang it in my living room

Eight things I say often

Bloodly Mofo
Oh F&*%
Aisa Kya?
Aur Bata...
S&*(% Man!!
Hey Bhagwan
Abey Saaley...

Eight books I’ve read recently

A Thousand Splendid Suns (Khaled Hosseni)
The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseni)
Greatest Works of Anton Chekhov (Anton Chekhov)
The Witch of Portobello (Paulo Coelho)
Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts)
Black Friday (S Hussain Zaidi)
Japan (Yamaguchi Hiroichi)
Radiant Himalayas (R C Naithani)

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over

Inside out (Bryan Adams)
I am ready (Bryan Adams)
I don't wanna miss a thing (Aerosmith)
Kuch iss tarah (Atif Aslam)
I am like a bird (Nelly Furtado)
Bulla ki jaana (Rabbi Shergill)
Chiquitita (ABBA)

I believe I can fly (R Kelley)

Eight things that attracts me to my close friends

A fair attitude
Having no airs or graces
Accepting each other as we are
Zest for life
Ability to be grounded when required
Intelligent Conversation
Common love of music/books/theatre/travel/films/activism

People I think should do this tag


Kamesh (Maybe the tag with get you back to active blogging :P)


Anti Tags has been updated. Do drop in there and leave your comments.


Prasad said...

u got my URl all wrong!!! :((((

nd i guess itz common abt the F**** word!!! just in different lingos tho!

nd yes the Good Food part...tho um unable to understand the veggie part!

Kamesh said...

Hi N :)

Back to tags on blogspot too..
Nice list.. and apart from your specifics such as books read by you and your favorite songs, i knew almost all the other things about u :-)

ROFL on the Eight things you say often :D:D

And as Pras pointed out, u hv got most of the URLs wrong.. pro'ly in haste..

Howz u BTW? I hv been away from active blogging for ages now..

Take Care!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Sowwwiee... I can't imagine how I got it worng... as Kamesh says... maybe coz I was in a hurry :)

The F word is in almost everyone's vocab..

The veg part is... most of the world cusinies are non veg based and that leaves me with very little options...

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Kamesh
Long time, no see... kya haal chaal??? I am doing fine...

And you know tags are an intrinsic part of blogging :D lemme tag you as well...

You know me so well :)

The eight I say.. thats just another side of me :D :D

Rags said...

Hey. Thanks for tagging me. This is an interesting tag, and I've found that tags are a good way of forced introspection. It also makes me feel important and loved (oh my sad dreary life). And you got my URL right :)

I did basic French about 3 years ago. Now I'm doing basic Spanish. Spain and Latin America are top on my list of must-visit places.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Rags
Welcome mate :)
Some tags make you think what you generally won't... which is sometimes good...

I had got ur URL wrong but corrected it soon :P

I am starting to forget my french coz i have no one speak with...
latin america is on my list too as is eastern europe...

And 'Hola! No hablo espaƱol' is the only spanish i know :D

Vrijilesh said...

Awesome list. And dont be pessimistic about the veggie food list.. u can do much more with combos of diff veggies than u can do with meat. For example, u can have a curry with two or more veggies.. a navratan curry.. try that with a chicken+fish curry.. u'd puke. So enjoy ur veggies!

And yeah.. almost all the tags I have seen have the F word! Arent we the most vulgar generation???

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hy Vrij,
Thanks :D

I am not pessimistic.. And I am not talking about Indian food only... Everyime I eat Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Lebanese food... My options are so limited and I just can't eat meat..
Meat gives me an icky feeling :|

I enjoy my veggies otherwise!

In fact, my list of expletives has now toned toned if i compare to 10 years ago :O :D

I agree... our generation uses more expletives than the previous one... u see we don't just use words in the mother tounge but english too.. bahut options hai hamare pass :D

Curious said...

Love tags - as I always have.. Will do it zephy!

"Continue learning French and then learn Spanish" - wow!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Curious
I love tags too... Am such a sucker for them :D

I am really interested in languages and how, if you notice, they come from two base languages -sanskrit (in this part of the world) an latin in the west... I love to see and understand the subtle tranformations in languages...

e.g. the word 'exit' in spanish is written as 'salida', in french its written as 'sortie', but in catalonian - language of north spain, bordering france, it becomes 'sortida' (a mix of two!)... how interesting is that??

Anonymous said...

I also loved this book! Do you know Paulo is launching this experiment where he is inviting his readers to adapt the book to the screen?
Check it out :
Have a great day

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi Aart,
Welcome to my blog....
I didn't really like the book as such. That's coz there is a subtle undertone in the book bordering on being 'preachy' about how to live your life and to be free of constraint. And somehow I don't like that because the theme is very repetitive ... like 'The Alchemist' or his other books. The story is different, the message is quite similar....

Vrijilesh said...

Yo.. good that u enjoy ur veggies.. very soon, I'm coming up with some mouth watering stuff.. keep watching till then.. I bet u'd fall in love with that place..

Vrijilesh said...

Aur ye kya haal bana rakha hai apne blog ka??? Laal laal khooni tamatar?

Curious said...

and i learnt a trivia today!

that does sound really interesting! maybe i do something like that as well... i mean learn to speak different lingos!

Chk this out:

really amazing for a kid!

did ur tag - chk it out! ur template man - very earthy!

lostpatrol53 said...

Have you given up O3 for good?

Anonymous said...

Hello! I recently came across your blog by a Google blog search. I am a college student and in the process of writing a research paper about cultural and traditional sustainability in India, and how modern life for women changes this sustainability. I've really enjoyed reading your blog so far, and also, if there's anything you would care to share with me about being a modern women in India it would be greatly appreciated! Whew, that was long, sorry :)


n.aka.zephyr said...

The kid is so smart!!!!!
I was smiling reading this :)

Really nice link... will send it to a few ppl i know...

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey LP
I have left O3 for good.... but do keep dropping in here :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Curious
will chck out your tag soon...

i got bored of the old template so decided to to do this :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Alyssa
Welcome to my blog :)
I am glad you like reading my blog.
If you want to ask me something you can e-mail me at


n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Vrij,

I cant believe I missed your comment!!

More than khooni tamatar… its lal mirch… I would never murder a poor tomato… :P :D :D

Waiting to read your mouth watering posts :)