Friday, 3 October 2008

Girl Bonding, Brollies, Jane Austen, Sabzis and Studies

Amidst classes, presentations, seminars, books, cooking and socializing, I bring the latest updates...

Having flatmates from different countries means, we have interesting cultural exchanges, different eating habits and different languages. Over the last few weeks we have gone from saying polite Hellos and Goodbyes in the hallways to mid night chats, cute men-boys spotting at the uni to making plans for travelling in the Christmas break! I, for one, have had problems with catty women, bimbos etc. and for the first time I have actually bonded with women.

And I have also found that when it rains and the shoes and jeans get wet, never keep down the umbrella to the side and roll up the jeans. Because gales in this part of the world with take away your beloved umbrella and you will be running half a kilometer to catch it, wearing a coat and carrying a huge rucksack and generally making a fool of yourself. Eventually the wind will put down the brolly in the middle of a traffic intersection, bringing the traffic to a halt and you will then retrive the offending object while mumbling sorry.

Another day when I can hear the chilly wind beating the windows, happy that I am inside the warm apartment, I will envision myself to be a chef. And will makes aloo-beans, mixed vegetable, dal, rice and whip up a yummy raita. I will eat like a glutton and then proceed to fall asleep!

While we are at the topic of chilly winds and gales, I always get reminded to English classics whenever I think of gales, moors, rolling green fields, rain and elegant ladies. I have got hooked onto this Drama called 'Lost in Austen'. Its about a young Londoner swapping places with Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. The purists would probably baulk at it but I find the series very creative, witty and funny. Its interesting how you anticipate something and the complete opposite happens and all the characters in the book are doing what they are not supposed to do! In case you can access it online, do watch it here.

While I entertain myself watching the above, I notice a whole stack of books and notes in front of me but I am uninspired to read until the deadline looms in front of me. In which case, I will be up the whole night trying to study. Looking at other students in the class who have come fresh from under graduate studies and who take copious notes in the class, I wonder if I have missed out on some important bits. It would be also interesting to note how they would behave like scared lambs, quite unsure of themselves. And it reminds me of how I was at that age. And that's when I begin to feel old!

More updates will happen as days go by.... Till then... Cheers!!


BlueMist said...

Thats fun for sure !! Guess you are back to your cooking thingy :) and I wonder how it would be staying with girls from different countirs speaking different languages and eating unknown food !! Challenge/effort ? dunno !!

moai said...

About the weather, you know now why english people have been travelling far south early in our count.
About umbrellas, you have experienced what every single english lady knows to be real fun. I cannot explain why any cute men-boys did run after it for you. For english men are gentlemen.
About the glutton (love the word), well the beast is well known in Europe. You are blessed because your glutton side remains healthy. Europeans gluttons go for icecreams or chocolate muffins.
About feeling old, how many of the lads have experience the life on two continents?

Now, I wish you the very best for your day to day studies.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Bluemist,

I was full of josh when I did all this cooking... usually i venture into the kitchen to open the fridge and have a pasta or something :D :D

More than a challenge its been interesting tillnow... lets see how it goes... this is just the begining...

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Moai,

I know now!!! I have started dreaming about spain already :)

There were no cute men-boys running to catch it for me :(

I met a french friend of my sister in london and he invited us over to his home... he made awesome sushi, pizza and guacamole!

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

Hey NG
great to hear from ya after a long time. wow roomies from different countries sounds a supercool idea. i mean i can just imagine the amount of cultural exchange happenin. so ull have already started plannin or your white christmas eh:D

i am 2 months down with my course and i am truly loving every moment in the media world:D the best part is dere are ppl from so many diff educational backgrounds, (im da only techie:P) it really does enhance your world view:D

keep em posts comin:d

take care

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey TD,

Long time, no see... I felt exactly like you when i switched my field.. it just enhanced my world view so much!!

And now.. its like a second wave of enhancement... Touch wood I have great flat mates... Its interesting to talk to them... And meet diff ppl in my course here... from across the world.. its awesome!!

Tc mate... Drop in often....

Prasad said...

great to hear allz is happ der and ur all settled in for the ride :DDD

n.aka.zephyr said...

I have to study so much... :(
Its crap!!!! It was easier to work.... I am having monday morning blues :/

moai said...

Don't forget Italia...Zephyr.
Rome, Venise and Florence oh Florence.
Best O Luck.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Moai,

In fact I am planning to go to Florence, Rome and Venice!! Let's see if it happens!

Prasad said...

eeekkkkksssss!!!! studies make me go YUCKKKKKKKKKK and YAWNNNNNNNNN! :DDD

Nautankey said...

Rains...sigh sigh..hope we get some here too. Got bored with the hot sun.And the post was too literary for non purists like me :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Pras,

Me too!! :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Nautunkey,

Then you must come here... because it rains almost everyday.... and I miss sunshine!

Too literary? really.... hmmm...

Nautankey said...

Oh sure..HSMP under process :).. Well the 'Lost in Austen' part was the literary part :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

A-ha.. Then you will come here :)
But I absolutely loved Lost in Austen!!