Monday, 17 November 2008

A Quirky Tag

Tagged by the God, this Goddess couldn't refuse and here goes my list of eccentricities.

1. I love doing dishes. I think when I will be on my death bed and someone will say there are dishes to do, I'll just get up and do it! No seriously, I would until they sparkle and shine.

Now that I think of it, I like doing dishes and I want to marry a chef because I hate cooking, maybe in my past like I worked in a restaurant or a tavern...and then I ran away with the chef and got married? Hmmm... could be possible. What do you guys think?

2. I fold my clothes a certain way. The sleeves have to be tucked into the inside folds and the clothes have to make a proper rectangle. And if you take a peek in my cupboard and my clothes aren't folded this way, you can tell I am really stressed out.

3. I don’t like anything which is too sweet so eating mithai with namkeen is perfectly acceptable to me just like the other day I had samosa with panjeeri (yum!) and chocolates with chips (absolutely yum!).

4. I can be shy and brash and then shy again in a span of 5 minutes and can make people around me comfortable and embarrassed and then comfortable again without batting an eyelid.

These are the only weird things I am revealing about myself.... stick around and you might find more ;)


P.S: I went for a day trip to a beautiful town in northern England. A travel post comes up soon!


Curious said...

Interesting tag.. :D

I love doing dishes - since recently... I feels very relaxing after haavving to use my brain all da long.. the chore gives me time to think over all the decisions i have taken during the day and plan ahead - Only some people do it in loo! :P

chocolate with chips... :O :O

Nautankey said...

Hey GoST,
Thanks for doing it..Well a generous god who thanks his co-gods you see are one great house wifey material I say :P .And yes do consider chefs they make loads of money.Not a bad choice in this life..but the past..hmm depends :) probably you ran away with him and started some resturant...he cooks and u clean..who knows one of the BIG restaurant chains may have been started by u :)

2.Folding clothes immacuately.. another good wifey talent :P :P. i dont even remember the last time i folded my clothes or even my pull overs,one big merit of living with parents :)

3.Sweets are not good for health and that combo u said abt..droool.. used to get that well done iin my previous office cafetari..missing the for once :)

4.Split personality !!..well only thing i can make ppl feel is indifferent :)..

Waiting for the photographs..wont hurt if the snaps sport a few pretty english women ;-)

Shady said...

was surfing old 03 posts , read some of yours and cme here , good catching ya hope I will be able to keep track

moai said...

broken hearted??? :(
give you a hug :0)
take care very best of luck as always.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Curious,

I think I just switch off mentally from work when I do dishes and concentrate on them.. helps break the monotony of studying...

I do my thinking in the shower... I just hog the bathroom then :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey God

I dont think I am a good house wife material coz the hubby will have to cook, do grocery shopping, put the clothes in the washing machinse, dust and clean if i do the dishes and fold clothes.... por guy will just run away and this goddess will be left all alone :D

Will try to upload snaps which have english women :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Moai,

Thanks for the hug :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Shady,
How are you doing??? I am fine... Long time, no see.. How is Delhi doing? Missing the dilli wali winters :(