Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Still Enraged But Back With The Pink Chaddi Campaign

For those who think that women should not have equal rights as men, should be treated like cattle, if possible, someone had to tell them they got it wrong. They have got crusaders on the internet and in this age of information 'warfare' I proudly jump into the fray with support for the 'Pink Chaddi Campaign'.

I won't be able to send mine, being so far, I will definitely be a part of the 'Pub Bharo' action. And all the people who read my blog, most lurkers who never comment, or if you just landed here somehow, please become a part of the campaign.

What happened in Mangalore can happen in your city. For men - this could happen to your girl friends, wives, sisters. Let's show 'em that Ram Sena isn't the answer to 'eroding of culture', it is the cause of it. Because what culture teaches you to be disrecpectful to women?


Sindhu :) said...

The pink template is to match the campaign?

Panchjama said...

Another innovate masterpiece :


Condoms are much more cheaper and fulfill a much higher fucntion than cheddi. Especially for the promiscious it is a boon. But I am not sure whether condoms are secular enough. As the mullahs and the catholic preists (no less than the Pope) have condemned condoms and asked the followes to breed incessently. The condom campaign will continue beyond Valentines day. Lucky you.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Sindhu,
It wasn't intentional.. but since its happened.. more power to pink!! :D

n.aka.zephyr said...


Lol... You are now going to protect the 'indian culture' because you know... having sex and babies is not part of our culture... and those carvings on the temples and the kamasutra were so obviously not indian... right?

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hey NG
i came across this Pink Chaddi campaign and found it a fitting answer to the nonsense that the Sri Ram Sene goons carried out at the pub. What's worse is that they dont even regret the fact that they raised hand on women. It takes hooliganism to an altogether different level.
the part that i hate is about moral policing is that these guys try to stereotype us. And if anyone does that for no apparent reason, its irritating.
There was an interesting piece in the Times of India by Jug Suraiya on the same pink chaddi campaign.


take care

Moai said...


I have no Pink Chaddi to send but I can find for sure a panther colored string...
LOL I know you don 't need my advice but at least acknowledge my support.
Sincerely, Moai a rock that dreams he could.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey TD

I was so pissed off by these goons who thought they were the saviours of our culture.. I hope the PCC does other similar stuff... It would be interesting!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Moai,

I wish you would have sent your panther one! :D

Emre said...

tahnk you very much.

Sohan said...



That is a real activist condom campaign, not your stupid reactionary tradition-fascist anti-liberty paranoid faux campaign.