Saturday, 16 May 2009

I shake the dusty cobwebs

and find no spiders scurrying about. Which is a good sign usually. 

What I really meant is I still find an odd comment on the blog even though it's virtually been a dead blog.

I was reading my old posts and thinking of the time when I was full of trepidiation before moving here. And I don't really know where the time has gone. I remember September and first day of classes and the last of classes has come now. There are group photos on facebook and I can't really get over the fact that it ended so soon. Yeah I still have exams and a 15,000 word independent research which I have to do over the summer.

I've had a great time this year, studying, meeting interesting people, working for a lifestyle magazine here, working with an independent film group and super excited that we are doing a film on graffitti art and I get to research on Banksy's work (my fav artist) apart from local artists here and working as an actor in a couple of student films, managing to stay almost at the top of the class and yes exploring the pubs apart from cooking. Phew!

Hence no time to blog :(

I'll be back soon, my lovely blog readers. Stay tuned people!


TD23 said...

hey NG
Welcome Back!!:D
was pleasantly surprised to find ur blog on the top of my list which indicates latest posts. well considering ur studying, staying off the blog is a given:d
its strange, the similiarities of the things happenin in our lives. I too am done with my course, now waiting 4 exams and then internships:d ive also had a wonderful year, doing things that at one point of time i used to wonder if i wud ever do them. i had big plans of documentin my student life at Journalism skool but tht didnt happen:P
ok so before i forget, ALL THE BEST for your exams and your research:)
take care

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey TD,
Yeah it is strange in a good way.. It's been such a good year and I don't want it to end :( I am hoping to get internships here otherwise I'll stick with the mag and the film group... Best of luck to you for everything as well...

Have been meaning to come over to your blog and commenting on the beautiful photos... Just whatever you do, work in a visual medium... you really have the talent for it....


moai said...

still on the air too!

n.aka.zephyr said...