Wednesday, 3 June 2009

All that fuss about a Table?

Everytime I sit at the study table in my tiny room here, I wonder about the people who stayed here before and what memories they have, sitting in this room.

I wonder about those who did not have a laptop. Did they just have a stack of books? What about the sloppy ones who had leftovers or a pile of clothes there? Maybe someone else was a neat freak. Did they study hard? Did they get drunk and pass out? 

What are they doing now? And do they remember the table (of all the things to remember about living in uni halls!)? My memories are of 'trying' to work on my essays there. And doing movie/TV shows marathons on my beloved laptop with my knees scrunched up between the table and the chair. 

The only reason why I have written this really random post is coz I am moving out of here in a couple weeks and going to live in another place with new flatmates and make new memories. Till then I'll hang on to the..err...table here.


Nautankey said...

My table has lot of books,as a show piece as many are unread. All the best for the moving and hope u have wonderful roomies

n.aka.zephyr said...

My table has lots of junk food a few books... some of which I have been forced to read to pass my exams :D

Thanks for your wishes :)

TD23 said...

Hey NG
interesting piece. I also get very sentimental about certain things at times. sometimes u just wish, the table had a mouth of its own and a memory and it could enlighten us with quirks of the past users:D
So u heading back to India ya still gonna be stationed n Europe for your new assignment. All the best:))
take care
PS: i finally got my byline, was thrilled to see my name appear alongside a story i did in the papers:D its a high unparalleled:))

moai said...

best of luck

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey TD,
Table with a mouth would tell a lot of stories ;)

As of now I am still completing my disseration, a 15,000 word tome and then the world is my oyster but I just might come back to India :)

Once again - congrats on the byline and keep up the good work!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Bonjour Moai,
Comment allez vous? How is everything going? Any plans to come to UK?