Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Power of Social Media: Part Deux

Andy Warhol you didn’t know how epiphanous it was, what you said all those years ago that everyone would get their fifteen minutes of fame.

People and events get you tubed, blogged, tweeted, facebooked, RSSed, liked, disliked. This massive web of interconnectedness swallows and throws up information which can’t be controlled. The internet throws up heroes and anti-heroes more often than you or I change our shirts.

When Alexandra Wallace (refer to my previous post) decided to rant about Asians in the UCLA library, I am sure, she had no idea what she was getting into. And now, hundreds of you tube responses later, after becoming the trending topic of twitter, blogs and main stream American media websites, she has decided to leave UCLA, stating she is scared of the death threats she has received. I am actually feeling a bit sorry for the girl!

Meanwhile let's just listen to this song by Rebecca Black which went viral. Apparently Simon Cowell is impressed by her :D


TD23 said...

Viral videos, memes have become a sorta revolutionary web movements of sorts. Out here in India its still in the nascent stage i guess. but it is fascinating whats happenin abroad around social media. If some site like Failblog or Attack of the Show features your video, then you are in for lakhs of hits. Social media is a very interesting sphere.
thanks for sharing the UCLA vid. hilarious responses:P
take care

cfp123 said...