Saturday, 20 August 2011

What Happens at Work

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Our crew: Doing a serious economic news story
Location: A Posh Delhi Neighbourhood
Time: Evening
Main Characters: Lady on an evening walk (L), Colleague (C)

Situation: L after taking 4 rounds of the walking track and bursting with curiosity

L (knocks on door of OB van): Aaj tak ho?
L (cheerfully asks): Kiska murder hua hai?
C: !!

Crew (thinking): Wish we could die in chullu bhar paani

The pitfalls of working in the media industry :|

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TD23 said...

hahaha:) indeed. thanks to such channels, media has become a sensationalisation hub. par kya kare. professional hazard i guess:)

Vrij said...

LoL!! Agree with TD too.

n.aka.zephyr said...

I know! Sharam aa jaati hai :D

I agree too :D

ahmedabadonnet said...