Wednesday, 2 April 2008

And So It Happened: Chapter 2

For chapter one read here

Chapter 2

The city road took them to NH 8. Another round of silence ensued. Each lost in thoughts. Both wanting to get away from it all. Soon the concrete jungle gave way to the Sahyadri mountain range.

She remembers hypnotically staring, noticing a pattern on the road, of sunrays passing through the leaves, bringing a translucent quality to them, the fog in a distance dissipating and reappearing. Everything becoming clear and then blurred.

He remembers ten years back, a group of college friends, in a car. The song playing I want to break free. Incessant chatter, all bantering and agreeing they wanted to break free, none knowing that they were already free.

He remembers the taste of first killing at the stock market. The compulsion. The addiction. The phenomenal rise. The Midas touch. Turning everything he touched into gold. And now an emptiness. A sense of worthlessness. How did I get here?

“Did you say something?,” she asked.

He shook his head, “No”.

“Why did you start this… this…line of work?,” he unexpectedly asked her.

Taken aback, as no one had bothered to ask before, she shrugged her shoulders. Then she mumbled something under her breath. “Millions of women are forced into it. I am just another one.”

A truck passed by, and her voice got lost.

He just heard the words, “Millions…forced….another one”

“So you didn’t have a choice?”

“Choice, huh? That’s a joke. Choice is when you can decide whether you want to do something or whether you have to do something,” bitterness crept in her voice.

“It’s a decision you make with your head or your heart. Its something you don’t compromise on,” she stopped abruptly. An outburst could cause her problems. If he gave a bad feedback, it could jeopardize getting good clients in the future.

He had touched a raw nerve. At ten years of age, orphaned, she went to live with her Uncle. He sold her. So you see - this girl of twenty one years of age - didn't know anything about choices.

Roads became narrower. Signboards whizzing past her. Dahisar-Thane-Palghar-Saphale-Edwan-Kelve.

After about four hours, the scenery changed as she noticed huts, chickens, cows, women carrying straw baskets on their heads, children playing and men rushing off to catch fish in the little rivers and inlets. I wish I could trade my life with them.

He turned into a dirt lane. They drove for another fifteen minutes and reached a quaint village, untouched by modern life. At the end of the village lay a small resort and by it - the Arabian Sea. Some enterprising fellow had built it by the water’s edge.

To be continued...


Curious said...

Zephy u saved me today!!! i was also drozing off thru a really boring online class and might have even been kicked out of dicussions until ur part two! ur the best!! :D :D :D

I think the best "why i became a whore" scenes/dialogue was in Chameli... :D :D She never really gives the exact reason and and that she says are all a lie :D :D wasn't that a really good scene??? :D :D

Btw does he become a serial killer or something??? kill her and get his soul back?? :P

Prasad said...

could u giv me the correct adderess of the resort plz...would b very useful ;))

gud one....wat happens next??? who else is der in the resort???

waitin for the next one!!! fast!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Curious,

Thanks anytime sistah :D :D

I agree... the best lines were in chameli... but my character is not brash.. she is unsure of herself... a meek person... complete opposite of chameli...

Nope... he's not gonna be a serial killer... this ain't buffy the vampire slayer.. getting souls back after killing etc. :D :D

But now that you say it... this gives me an idea...i could make him do it :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

I am not giving you any address... as of now :P :P

You have to read all the parts and then i'll give it :P

Tomorrow the third part's gonna be released... s you'll know what happens there... ;)

taureandude_23 said...

hi there
breezed thru the 2nd part rite now. ur signboards along the Sahyadi are dead on and apt descriptions of the changing landscapes.

so now the discussion about the female has started. that seems interesting. Choice is not a privelege for many in that profession.

so they have gone into a lodge u say, is it by any chance somethin like "Decent Lodge":P:P

for me, the real story starts now:D

take care

Vrij said...

Hmm.. nothing much happened in this part except the drive to the resort.. arre Ms Ekta Kapoor.. jaldi aage bado.. eager 2 know wassup next ;)

Prasad said...

now now.....whr da 3rd part??? put it up b4r lunch today....else i can see it only on monday!!!!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey TD

I was traveling through that area a few months ago for a story :)

So I was observing as I was travelling…

Those women are in a really bad state and they don’t know a way out… and no the resort is not ‘decent’… :P

I think the decent lodge in the movie was so cheeky… I really loved the concept :)

Part three is coming out today…

Take care!!
Au revoir

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Vrij,

Ekta kisko bola.. there is no saas or babu here :P :P

There is lots happening in part 2… you gotta read the subtleties… between the lines ;)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Pras

Am putting up part three in a few mintues…

patience my dead friend… patience :)

Prasad said...

am i a ghost???? dead???? hhhmmmmm ....mayb i can do a story on this.....the ghost who comments :P :DDDD

n.aka.zephyr said...

hey pras
it was a typo.... i meant 'dear' not 'dead'...
ROFL... i never noticed it :D

moai said...

She had no choice that is truth but that is not her CHOICE and it makes huge difference to me.
Choosing between Pest and Cholera is no freedom

n.aka.zephyr said...

salut my friend!

Yes thats what i was saying... choosing between pest and cholera is no freedom.... unfortunately some people are stuck in a place there they have to choose one of them...