Sunday, 6 April 2008

And So It Happened: The Epilogue

For chapter three, read here


She never went back to Delhi. Instead she made a choice, first of many, and made the city of dreams her home. With his support, she went back to study. Later, she wrote a book called ‘Lady Of The Night’- a chronicle of her past life. It helped her find a closure. An added bonus was that the book went on to become a bestseller. The media followed her, the activists made her their poster girl. She was suddenly the depraved-girl-turned-righteous.

Now, she works and vigourously fights for the rights of women.Sometimes when the fast pace of city life gets to her, she comes back to the village and can be seen sitting under the tall trees watching the sunset or taking a walk on the beach with him.

He went to complete the business deal he had left in the middle. It made him the second richest youngest man. He had no desire to be the first because he finally realized that his race was against him, not someone else. As she had said once, he chose to make a decision. It was led by his heart. And that’s when he decided to buy a house in the quaint little village of Kelve. He can be often seen fishing by the sea. But mostly, he takes a canvas and paints as the curious village children come up to him and chat with him.

When it becomes too quiet, he goes to the city. There he can be seen catching up with her in one of the restaurants and cafes which dot the city. Though he still avoids going to Nariman Point.

And so it happened, when two tortured and agonized souls met each other, they found a purpose, a meaning and maybe they found themselves.

If you ever happen to visit Kelve, you might see them. You could probably go upto them and say Hello. Maybe they'll tell you what's happening in their life right now. I am sure it would be interesting.




Curiously said...

Errr... so they become "physical companions" eh??

n.aka.zephyr said...

nope... just friends....

taureandude_23 said...

hi there
i liked the flow the story took after their meet. so infact, they find their true calling in that accidental meet. sometimes accidents lead to life changing decisions.
kelve is a fab beach, i like it more cus its not as crowded as the other beaches around Mumbai. Next time i go there, ill sure look out for the painter and the writer:D
take care

taureandude_23 said...

i read this reply in the prev entry.

"i am an engineer turned journo... some ppl r trapped in the wrong profession and dont know how to get out of it...

i know its such a cliche... but such is life :D"

i was smiling thruout! i would just say, its not a cliche, n you can add that to the list of similiarities we have.
I too am an engg but im soon goin to give that up to pursue => Media!
i always thought that u were a Journalist, din know of ur engg. background.
chalo so atleast koi to hai in this world, who has switched from Engg to Media! i guess creativity just cant be stifled:D it has to come out somehow.
i know im takin a big risk, but then as you say, such is life:D
take care

PS: i have yet to see RACE. will do it soon. heard great things bout the flick!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey TD

I totally believe that accidents can sometimes change the course of one’s life…:)

I had stopped over at kelve as I was doing a news story in a nearby village.. I’d like to go there again… and it won’t be for work :D

And its good to know that you are jumping into the field of media… life is all about taking chances… best of luck for everything!!!

As you said… creativity can’t be stifled… Your photos tell me that that you have a great visual sense… it’ll be an added advantage… go for it!

Take care mate

Prasad said...

aaaahhhhhhh!!! loved the ending!!! gud one zephy...waitin for the next series!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Pras,
Thanks!! :)
Next series will take some time to come... Stay tuned!