Thursday, 12 November 2009

26 Things, For the 26 years of my life

  1. Current mood: Black
  2. Current food craving(s): Warm gooey chocolate; Pasta with pesto, asparagus and pine nuts; Aloo chaat
  3. I am searching for: a direction in my professional life
  4. I wish I didn’t feel: so restless
  5. An observation about me: My mother telling me yesterday that I am too much of a free spirit to do a job
  6. Right now: I would rather be sitting in a coffee shop - reading or writing
  7. A dream: To be a published author; Have a job which entails adventure, challenge, travelling and happiness
  8. In my previous life: I am sure I was a boho living by the Mediterranean sea in an artists’ quarter
  9. I can be happy: sitting under a tree on a summer day and observing butterflies chase each other
  10. An oxymoronic thing I want: A slow and meaningful life in a fast paced city
  11. I end up usually: contradicting myself
  12. I am fascinated by: people – everyone is a mystery to be unraveled
  13. A hidden ability: making cartoon sketches of myself and people around me
  14. I want to learn: contemporary dance, tai chi and a foreign language
  15. My favourite radio stations: Hit 95 FM (in India), Classic FM (in UK)
  16. My favourite part of the day: Late night
  17. My favourite colours: Purple, Shades of aquamarine, Black, Grey and Brown
  18. A thing I could change about myself: My constant chronic-worrier-thinker syndrome
  19. My favourite artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Banksy
  20. My favourite poison(s): Red wine (Merlot), Morgan’s spiced with coke and a sliver of lime, G&T
  21. I listen to: all kinds of music except metal, heavy metal and electronica
  22. I read: everything except science fiction
  23. I watch: almost everything except horror films
  24. A gadget I want: A digital SLR camera
  25. A gadget I want to replace: My big laptop with a smaller, lighter one
  26. Current desire: To own a Hervé Léger bandage dress and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps

Anyone wants to take up the tag? TD, Sindhu, Vrij, Pras... c'mon guys!


Prasad said...

an SLR!! yea me wants on too!!!

nd hey i get a autographed book alrite!!!!

nd um gonna be 28!! itz only 26 here! :P

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Pras,

You totally get the autographed book!

And add two more things from your side to make it 28 or just stick to 26 :)

TC mate