Monday, 16 November 2009

Adjust Please

A phrase common to India and a part of Indian psyche is ‘Adjust’. No place to sit in a bus? No problem. We will share a seat and adjust.

Too many cars on the street? No problem, there will be space for one more. Mine. You better ADJUST!

Men want to pee on the roadside? Madam, adjust.

You get whistled or stared at? No problem. Change your route, travel with a male companion, travel in a car. Adjust.

The water heater broke down? Boil water on the gas until the electrician is called and he fixes the problem in.. like a decade. What do you do? Adjust.

You don’t get your broadband signal in your home. You can’t surf the internet properly. You call up the service provider. If you manage to get through, that is. Meanwhile, you just adjust.

This post is sounding like a rant, dear readers, kindly adjust.


Prasad said...

LOL..LOL....reminds me of peshwa's posts on o3 with his kindly adjust trademark!!!!

kindly adjust for the comparison :D

moai said...

I adjust but, still, don t fit in...
I start to think that I should not be, have the right to pretend to anything.
I adjust to smaller places, smaller food, smaller income but harder and harsher "customers" pushing on the same thing to me.

I was trained recently about reformulating any frustrations.
I will tell if it works.

take care take care

moai said...

Merry christmas to my Hindustani friend

P said...

sista *HUGS* remember me ? How are you ?
Its been such a long time :)


MV said...

hello houdini .... aka zephyr .... aka banput ..... heres wishing you a very very happy b'day .... i m sure u had a great day .... have a rocking year ahead .....


Sindhu :) said...

Where are you!!!!!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Pras,

Long time, no see! And yes, Pesh was the insipration :) How are you doing?

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi Moai,
How are you? How is everything going? I really hope you have managed to adjust and your training succeeded!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi Nysa,

Of course I remember you, sistah *hugs*. It's been a really long time! How are you?

n.aka.zephyr said...


Thanks for the wishes! One more year has gone. One day, I will be an old lady :( *sigh* How are you? Still in S'pore?

n.aka.zephyr said...

I am sorry for disappearing! Ocassionally I do lurk around blogosphere but work and other things have been keeping me quite busy. It's time to reclaim my life back! How are you doing?