Thursday, 15 November 2007

Battle Of The Sexes

The discussion started with my male colleague saying how women look ‘better’ in traditional roles like cleaning, cooking, tidying the house.

He went on to say that they shouldn’t think they were equal to a man because they were stepping out of their homes to earn. It was a man’s job and the women should just earn enough to satisfy their ‘shauk’ of earning. Otherwise success goes straight to their head and they think they become good decision makers while in reality that’s not the case. On top of it they refuse (oh my god what a felony) to cook food everyday, expect the husband to help around the home and change diapers sometimes too!

His attitude made me see red. And I am no raging feminist. Maybe I am just spoilt by the men in my life – My father and my male friends who think very different from the colleague.

As I vehemently opposed to everything he had to say, he thinks I will never find a ‘good’ husband. Or maybe a man tied to my pallu (not that I wear a sari ever!). And when I said that a man secure enough to be a man will probably never think like this, he said I was dreaming on. Before the debate could end in a fist fight (I know my karate punches and blocks) or a shouting match, I went back to work.

I leave this open to debate - Do men think that women should not have ambitions. That they should sit at home and make babies. And the man, with the virtue of been born a man will always be correct?

And I know that maybe largely people in this country think like this but to encounter such a man who is educated, has a working wife and lives in Urban India, to think like this is a bit weird.

Tell me what you feel.


On a completely different note, I had my ROFL moment of the day when Paris Hilton turned into an activist!


Kamesh said...

Hi N :)

First yet again :D:D

Battle of the sexes is a completely bakwaas debate.. no gender has an exclusive license on being ambitious or working according to one's capabilities..
IMO.. definitely nature has created a man different from a woman.. but the differences should help them complement each other rather than trying to stamp their false sense of superiority over the opposite gender..
both genders have their strengths w.r.t. to physical, mental and emotional faculties and every person has complete right to use his/her skills to the best of one's capabilities..

apney colleague ko bolo mere se baat kare.. class lagata hoon uski :)

take care.. n aisey logon ki bakwaas par dhyaan mat do.. unfortunately, these types are the majority in our society.

Sandhya said...


Commenting on ur blog first time.

It's nice to read your post n completely agree with the Kamlesh's comment.

GOD has made both the sexes from a different way and they both are experts in different way and ideally we should compliment each other rather than make a superiority over the opposite sex.

I know, there are many people in the society who still thinks like this way and surprisnigly there are some old females who find them inferior to the male counterparts.

But the best way to just turn your ears deaf.

Anonymous said...

hey houdini ....

howz u doin these days ... kya haal hai ... howz this place???

hey ... belated ... Happy Diwali :)

Anonymous said...

you ll never find a real good husband behaving like this. It is known that Best husbqnd are staying home in France and kept fiercely by their wife.

What ROLF is ?

I won t read your stuff anymore if you keep on liking that kind of dummy people stuff to your site (CF Hilty)


Meher :) said...

oh.. the battle again :D :D

When I was in college.. two friends had the same fight and it ended with the girl saying all men are dogs and the boy announcing to everyone in the class loudly - see.. D is going to stay a spinster all her life becoz men are dogs for her, and turning to her, he says - unless you turn a bitch :O :O

I think its an absolute waste of even starting this discussion because both have their own strenghts & weaknesses. There are somethings the female section is better at doing & similary some that the male section can do. But its utter stupidity to completey write off one section and say they are not capable of anything at all and its completely a regressive thought.

n.aka.zephyr said...

I was begining to wonder if i was wrong all along... thinking that all men are not MCPs... your comment restores my faith in 'man'kind :D

thanks, take care and drop by more often!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi Sandhya,
welcome to my blog :)

and i agree with you, girl!

n.aka.zephyr said...

I am fine!!! How r u doing?? And why have you stopped blogging and commenting???

itna bhi kya busy ho gaye??? or u doing the houdini act? :P

this place is now begining to feel like home!

tc and aatey raha karo yahan... ;)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Bonjour F2I!
Maybe I should find a french husband for myself :D :D

ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing (expression used when one finds something funny or hilarious)

I promise paris hilton will not make much of an appearence on this blog :)

Back to France already?

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi Sindhu/Meher,
you too on blogger?? cool!!

oh what a fight and what a nerve of the guy to say that :O :O
u shud have clobbered him ight there :D

u can't write off women and say they can't do a good job at work place... the glass ceiling is not a myth and that's sad...

Prasad said...

u dont wear a sari!!! :O :O women look awesomeeeeeeeee in sari'ss!!!!

and abt the post itself....plz dont waste energy debatin stupid as issues wit dumb as ppl!!!

nd abt the previous tag...i'll do it sometime this week...was outta town last week :DDD

n.aka.zephyr said...

hey pras,
i know sari looks awesome... but i dont think it wud suit me...

and its nice to know all men don't think like him :)

wud love to read ur tag :)

Anonymous said...


You have missed the best one dear.
I am famous for staying at home LOL.


n.aka.zephyr said...

Bonjour F&I!
Too bad I missed you :D
Maybe next time you come to India... I have to meet you :)

Meher :) said...


:D :D :D yeah... am here too..

Things got a little too out of hand there :))

I could have clobbered him, but it was still in the start - during the first year of my degree and was still getting used to people.. so didn't venture to say something to that guy :D :D :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

Seems like we have our own o3 community going on here... Which is so cool!!!

First yr may ho jataa hai... u don't know ppl too well... and plus u dont want to scare off ppl :D

Pramod said...

I missed a masaledhar topic :D:D:D:D

I think, on this topic (any for that matter), extremes will never hold any rationale.

It is a fact that men and women are not equal. This has to be accepted by all. Just that each of them have their core competencies and each of them have their set of weaknesses.

There are exceptions to those rules and there is also evolution and adaptation. So the battle of sexes is alwasy futile unless backed by strong basis and going by stereotypes is not good enuf.

Its best to let such extreme thot to themselves!!! no point arguing it.

n.aka.zephyr said...

Too much masala... I tell you :D :D Except I have beem pleasently surprised most of the bloggers have a rational view...

We might not be equal but the roles which were well defined at one point of time are changing... and one must accept that....

Women are stepping out to work and not doing too bad... And the men can try and help around the home... Ppl have to change their attitude a bit.. :)

Jay Divanji said...

The world will be a lot better if all the men, who think women are to be rode roughshod on, are sent to their maker(or rather , the devil).

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi jay
welcome to my blog...
hmmm.... and why would you call the maker a devil?

Jay Divanji said...

I didn't equate god with the devil, you ninny! :P What I meant was they deserved to go to the devil rather than god! Don't blame you, it came out wrong!

n.aka.zephyr said...

they totally do!!! :D