Monday, 19 November 2007

Lots of Random Stuff

When you are greeted with sniffles, sore throat, coughs and smog filled mornings, winters have offically arrived. Not to forget sitting in the sun on a lazy sunday morning, curled up in the satellite (I have a name for my easy chair!), reading a book, snacking and then dozing off with birds chirping in the background. The bliss combined with peace of mind means I am ready to tackle the week ahead.

Was surfing the web and came across this post by Sepia Mutiny. I always suspected something was wrong with the Times of India website. Now my fears have been confirmed.
And heard this amazing song called 'Ban the Police' which I have been humming since the last few days. Has it been officially released? Do check it out. And here are the lyrics.


Meher :) said...

Me first :D :D

and what do they say on blogspot?? Gold!! :D :D

Winters - I am thinking the cold has come in a little earlier this time - its REALLY difficult to get out of the bed in mornings :( And mom & me just draped the windows with a rug and now the room has turned so very cozy - its become still more difficult to move :)) And add to it.. the sun is just bright light - no heat at all :D

Delhi must be colder na? We are at around 14 min. right now...

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Meher,
The winters in delhi came arnd diwali... so they didn't come early here.. the temp has been hovering around 13-14 degrees... but yesterday dipped to 10 degrees :)

and for some sun...come to delhi :)

Prasad said...

hhmmmmm winters eh!!! yea we also hav winters down south!! eerrrr yes we do call 22 or 25 degree C as winters and yes it is cooold!!! :P :DDDDDDDD nd to top it off itz been raining here for 2 days now :DDDD even more cold :P :DDD

and 13-14 is lik freekin freezin temps for us!!!! man last weekend in b'lore it was somethin lik 12 or 11!! PHEW!!!!!

Prasad said...

ooo nd the song!!! i hav been hummin allan parson's eye in the sky for quite some days now!!! awesome song!!

n.aka.zephyr said...

22-25 is not winters... its moderate temp. and if u were in europe then it would be summer temp. :D :D

havn't heard that song... will try to get my hands on it :)

Pramod said...

left u a comment on ur prev post. Nothing to comment on this one :D:D

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hye Rp,
Read it and left a comment for you there :)

Thisisme said...

hmmm..abhi dilli mein itni thand kahan hui hai..i toh love those chillllly mornings..arnd year end time..:)
waise it feels great to go on a early morning walk these days..mazaa aata hai :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

Early morning walk? brrr... its too cold for that and I am too lazy as well :D :D Mujhe bahut thand lagti hai :)

But yeah... actual winters havn't come as yet...

Sumit said...

Hi NG,

Well you are absoultely right about everything on this Winter season...

heard your song ... and could only understand the title .. ban the policaa :P ... looks like have to go thru the lyrics for the rest ..

Cheers !!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey Sumit,
Dilli ki winters may jo baat hai woh kahin nahi hai :)

And the song... tabhi toh lyrics ka link diya tha... listen to it with the lyrics tab zyada fundoo lagega ganaa... :D

how r things going...otherwise??