Sunday, 4 November 2007

The OCD!

I am one of those people who procastinate till the last moment to clean up the room/ desk/ drawer etc. I wait till the pile of objects becomes a mountain. And since half my family has the neat-freak OCD it is war time at home (this story is for another post).

My desk at work bears the brunt of this all the time. All the papers strewn around give an impression how busy I am reading all those newspapers, articles etc. (Yeah right!)

Well a few days ago, the AC maintenance guys came for their quarterly checkup. Now half the duct is right on top of my desk and as soon as he opened it, a few dead insects landed in the corner (where-things-go-only-if-they-have-to-be-retrieved-once-an-year) on top of Time magazine and other sundry stuff.

Did I care to clean my desk? No. I just took the magazine, dusted the insects into the dustbin and kept it back.

A few days later, every time I would move a paper or reach out for my namkeen packet (which is on the opposite side of the desk) I would find a dead insect. I threw the nameek.

Things really hit rock bottom when I couldn't find my post-it notes ka packet. And its not not even in either corners. It was supposed to be somewhere in the middle of the damn table.

So this Friday, clean the desk abhiyaan took place.

And I heartlessly threw papers in the dustbin. Asked the newspapers to be put in the right place in the library. Organized my books by type, size, need, importance . Organized my magazines the same way. Organized my papers the same way. Organized my stationery the same way. Organized other sundry things the same way.

And realized the 'neat freak' genes have been passed on to me as well. Its just that they need some shaking up (and dead insects) to get into action!

Update (07/11/07): Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali.


Kamesh said...

Hi N :)

Tell me about it.. while I am pretty much organized at my tasks at work, the same somehow doesn't get translated to an organized desk or home..

Just this evening, I was collecting and arranging the newspapers spread all over my home and I found that it has been 22 days since I had last put a newspaper in its place after reading!!!

The only saving grace is that I can find out any paper from the heap with minimum effort thanks to my memory :D:D

Aur baaki sab badhiya?

Pramod said...

Starting trouble hai yeh!!!!:P:P

After starting to live alone, I have become a neatness freak as well. I love my room to be clean and tidy and things in order. I leave the cleaning for the weekend though!!!

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hi Kamesh
I am super organized in my work tasks too :D

But wahi hai... desk/room may translate nahi hota hai yeh...

But i too can remember where my stuff is...even if its in a heap... And so i dont bother to clean till calamity stikes :)

Baaki sab theek chal raha hai... how abt u??

n.aka.zephyr said...

my sister also became a neat freak after living alone!!!!!

She rues the fact that i descend on her home every summer :D :D :D

Curious said...

Am decently clean...but yea..every new habit literally needs a kick in back to get started eh? :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

yes curious
it seems so.. :D

when i get wardrobe OCD my t-shirts, shirts, trousers, etc. are orgnaized with such military precision that i know exactly what is on my 3rd shelf, left corner, 2nd item.... but this doesn't happen that frequently....

Ellen said...

Hi zephyr,

Congratulations, you made it finally to the club of OCDs hahah :-D Glad you got rid of the insects yeeooowww! That would be the first to go lol!

Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLLL!!! i guess me nd my bro r xceptions in this in the otherwise neat freak family!!! i gave my bro's car for service today nd wat i find in the boot...abt 10kilos of his office junk!!! well er....ok 5 of those were mine!! :P :DDDDDD

Prasad said...

nd o in also kno watz on the 3rd shelf on the right hand side of my wardrobe :DDDDD there is a bottle of whisky hidden among the old hard drives and other stuff frm my old comp :DDDDDD

n.aka.zephyr said...

I was dreading to be part of that club :D I enjoy pulling leg of the neat freaks in my family :D :D :D

n.aka.zephyr said...

10 kg junk in the car?? :OO
and am ROFL @ whisky bottle in your cupboard :D :D

Praddy said...

hehe when it comes to just as moody as a gemini can day i clean it so well and next day everything lies scattered.

Ppl approach my desk for any kinda favour only when they see my desk is clean n well maintained cos they know im in a good mood that day :P

psst - i was formerly called godo [does it ring any bell :P]

n.aka.zephyr said...

why did u change ur name?????
i am also somewhat like you with regard to cleaning :P :D

the only difference is... mine ain't mood-connected...

Prasad said...

Happy Diwali :DDD

Praddy said...

hehe name change aise hi..maybe was needed for the change of blog address

Anywayz wish you a Happy Diwali :)


n.aka.zephyr said...

hey pras
happy diwali :)

n.aka.zephyr said...

godo but i can't get arnd to calling you praddy all of a sudden :)

Maverick said...


Just dropping in to say Happy Diwali :-)

as for the desk, my desk is probably clean...i am not even sure if i have a desk anymore cuz its been ages since i've stepped into my office! Use the convenient option of "working from home".


lostpatrol said...

Happy Deepavali

n.aka.zephyr said...

Hey LP,

Same to you as well :)

Anonymous said...

happy dipawali miss whirlwind

n.aka.zephyr said...

Bonjour F2I!
Diwali wishes to you too :)
Vouz etes enjoying les vacances?

What's the french word for enjoying?